Paths to Glory

© 2017 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Fort Pitt MuseumPoint State Park
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States


N 40°26’27.7″
W 80°00’35.7″

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“Oh wow this is like some civil war shit from like the 1900’s!” — was the idiotic comment I heard coming from the dingbat patriarch of some suburban douchebag “Griswold” family as I am trying to take a photo of…

… a group of French and Indian War re-enactors demonstrating what it was like at Fort Pitt in the Seventeen Hundreds. Nice try jackass.

But who am I to judge. I really can’t stand most of the ignorant suburban people who show up for “Family Entertainment“ days like this. They are the same people who tailgate me in Cranberry every morning because they are more important than anyone else. They are just as ignorant about the fact there are other people sharing the highway with them as they are about their historical facts.


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