Pittsburgh Geese

© 2008 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Roberto Clemente Memorial Park
North Shore
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States


N 40°26’41.5″
W 80°00’47.7″

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It was a fairly “Meh” day for photography in Pittsburgh that Sunday afternoon. I had some time to walk around explicitly to shoot photos, but as usually happens when I plan for going out on an afternoon photo hike, I got screwed by the weather and lighting. There wasn’t anything going on in the city. I just walked around, observing what’s around me, trying to capture anything unique about the situation.

I noticed a flock of geese playing in the river alongside Three Rivers Heritage Trail in the Northside, next to the stadiums and the Carnegie Science Center. I stopped to take some photos because the sun was going down soon and it would probably be the last thing I see with daylight. On Sundays, due to the lack of people (and therefore lights) downtown, the buildings appear as dark slabs against a dark sky if I stuck around through the evening.

To my surprise, right before setting, the sun peaked through the clouds just enough to cast this diffuse, warm glow across the city. The lack of boats on the river kept the water smooth enough to capture the reflections of the buildings. Most of the geese were sitting in brighter areas of the water, which makes them easier to see. I thought the 2 geese standing on the shoreline make it more interesting. They blend into the rocks a little bit, enticing you to look a bit closer.


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