Locks of Love

© 2017 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Schenley Bridge
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States


N 40°26’27.5″
W 79°56’55.6″


All the kids in Oakland these days are padlocking their love to the chain link fence that spans the Schenley Bridge, between Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Library. Known as “love padlocks,” they are locked in place with the key thrown away forever. I am guessing that a combination lock is used when couples aren’t quite sure about the “forever” part of their relationship, as it allows for either partner to return later with the combination!

I suppose it’s easier and more environmentally friendly than carving your names into a tree, but they aren’t friendly to tbe bridge itself. In in Florence, Italy the city had to remove 5,500 love padlocks from he Ponte Vecchio bridge — after it was determined that their weight could actually cause the bridge to collapse! I bet shares in Master Lock Corporation dropped sharply after the news.

I was curious as to what happened with THIS particular lock and how that relationship became “fuk’d up.” However I’ve been noticing these ghetto tags all over the city since taking this photo — although not as prolithic as this tagger “Mook” was back in the day. For those who don’t know, Mook was a tagger who climbed bridges, etched his name in glass all over the city, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and even covered the Pittsburgh Police Department’s own “Grafitti Busters” van in grafitti.

This guy even has his own Wikipedia page! Now THAT is truly “fuk’d up.”


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