© 2017 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Fineview Overlook
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States


N 40°27’37.6″
W 80°00’15.2″


I spent 3 hours watching the light change over the city while sitting at the Fineview Overlook. There was a military helicopter flying around downtown, performing some acrobatic maneuvers and circling the downtown area. I started chasing it with my manual focus Signma Canon FD 400mm lens attached to a sony mirrorless camera body with no optical viewfinder. Basically COMPLETE insanity for trying to capture a shot like this.

Somehow I nailed the shutter at the exact second the chopper flew past the U.S. Steel Tower, and it appears as the chopper is hovering right up against the windows — like a scene in a Terminator or Die Hard movie.


us; steel; tower; usx; upmc; pittsburgh; pennsylvania; pa; golden; triangle; skyscraper; city; cities; helicopter; chopper; hover;


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