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Springfield Falls
State Game Lands #284Mercer, Pennsylvania
United States


N 41°08’38.9″
W 80°13’04.1″


When the opportunity to move right next door to a waterfall presented itself to me a few years ago, I had no idea how inspirational the waterfall and surrounding property would be for me to start sharing my 20 years worth of photography with all of you. I am listening to the sound of the waterfall through an open window as I sit here typing.

Moving this far out of the city that provides my income was a bit challenging, but the rewards are worth it. When my friends thought I was insane, warning me “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls,” I just told them to come and visit me at my new getaway — “Waterfalling” (since “Fallingwater” was already taken).

My 8 year old son also thinks living here is off the hook. However I was able to show him that regardless of how nice you have it, someone has it nicer than you when I took him to that other house on the waterfall out near Ohiopyle!

Springfield Falls (also known as Leesburg Falls), located on state hunting lands in Amish country, an hour north of Pittsburgh. The surrounding woods are public game lands, and as expected the animals are generally smart enough to avoid them! We don’t see nearly as much wildlife here as we did at my previous homes in Pittsburgh.

It started becoming increasingly clear to me that I have grown frustrated with my career as an art director, media producer, and software developer. It was time to start moving into a new direction, and start a new life where I have complete artistic control over my work.


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