Don’t Look Down

© 2003 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Mount Marathon
Seward, Alaska
United States


N 60°06’25.2″
W 149°27’45.4″


The average person thinks photography is easy as pushing a button — but It takes a hell of a lot more than that to make a good image. For example, this image involved climbing up the craziest trail I’ve ever hiked in my life.

It started out by scaling a 20 foot cliff with rocks up to the size of small boulders raining down upon you from above! From there, I had to grab onto a tree root hanging off the side of a cliff, and pull myself up onto the bent trunk hanging out the side of the cliff.

When I looked back at my best friend, he promptly screamed “FUCK THAT SHIT! I’M GOOD!”

I continued climbing up Mount Marathon in Seward Alaska on the 4th of July, trying to reach the top before the first RUNNERS would show up for the annual “Mount Marathon Race.”

This is the view from the highest point I reached, scared to death, with one butt cheek perched against a rock, preventing me from sliding down a 1,000 foot drop. I felt like I fall straight down into the city of Seward below.

The took my digital point and shoot because any other camera would have been completely destroyed. When I returned to the truck later that day I was covered from head to toe in mud, with my clothes ripped up so bad I looked like a Scooby Doo swamp monster!


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