Capitol Reflecting Pool

© 2003 Adam Kenneth Campbell


Reflecting Pool
United States Capitol
Washington, D.C.
United States


N 38°53’25.2″
W 77°00’51.0″


While in Washington D.C. to attend a protest being held in the form of a rave party on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, I was walking around around the Mall (with the perpetual “BOOM BOOM BOOM” from the DJ booth in the background).

I used to carry this small camera around in my pocket all the time, before we all had smartphones. One piece of advice I like to give people serious about photography is to always have a camera with you. The quality of images on most smartphones greatly surpass the images from this camera, however back in 2003 when the image was taken — having the SMALLEST flip-phone gave you the most bragging rights.

Regardless of how nice photographers can make it look, Washington D.C. is a total dump to visit in person. It’s VERY difficult to get shots of any well known icons without a bunch of chain link fences, scaffolding, garbage, construction equipment, cranes, jersey barriers, detour signs, crime scene tape, dirty crack pipes, needles, portable metal fencing, rusty old oil barrels floating in the river, etc.

The videographer who shot the opening credits for “House of Cards” captured this essence extremely well! I have the same “dirty” feeling inside watching those time-lapse shots as I feel when I’m there in person. The same feeling Stewie Griffin must have had being locked up in Kevin Spacey’s basement.


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